We help sport do good

Our support enables sports bodies to deliver both sporting results and social impact.

Who we work with

We work with athletic departments, clubs, federations and governing bodies to support them to deliver both sporting results and social impact.
“MVMT are an important provider in our Learning & Development work, focusing on the potential for sport to change lives. They bring significant practical experience, technical knowledge and a great approach to engaging learners. It has been rewarding to see partners applying what they’ve learned in their day-to-day work to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity.”
James Steel
Lead Manager, sportscotland
“Most coaches, myself included, focus their development almost exclusively on the areas of technical and tactical. Working with MVMT has brought to light other crucial, but often neglected, areas such as WHO I am as a coach, WHO I coach, WHY I coach and HOW I coach. Every session has been full of ideas or feedback that we have been able to apply right away and make a positive difference in our coaching. If you are humble and hungry enough to grow yourself, your staff and your team, then MVMT will take you on a journey that will change you and the way you coach.”
Jason Beschta
Men’s Basketball Head Coach, John Brown University

What we offer

We support sports bodies in three interconnected ways:
We offer a pioneering research method called the Care Climate to enable coaches and their organizations to objectively assess and grow the level of care within their teams.
We conduct surveys and interviews with coaches and athletes to uncover objective evidence and suggestions for growth.
We co-design learning and training programmes with clients who want to intentionally use sport as a driver of outcomes for individuals, communities and systems.
Read about our role as lead facilitators of the Changing Lives learning programme for sportscotland.
Each year we support a small number of clients to achieve their unique ambitions on or off the court.

We crossover best practice in coaching, teaching and social impact to support and challenge sports bodies who want both sporting results and social impact.

Why we offer support

People need sport to be better. Traditional approaches to sport are not enough to meet the emerging needs of people and communities.
That’s why we help sports bodies to address:

Sharply rising mental health issues among athletes and coaches

More young people affected by trauma during pandemic lockdowns

Increasing social inequalities and heightened awareness of diversity and inclusion issues

Heightened attention to issues of student-athlete wellbeing and safe coaching climates

And much more

How we work

We are led by the needs of our clients and the people they serve. Our work is informed by evidence and rooted in the realities of everyday delivery.

Our approach is based on:

Understand the needs of the coaches, athletes and organisations we serve 

Asset-based approach focused on people’s strengths

Co-design of support with clients so they can shape and drive their own growth 

A relationship with clients that encourages challenge and openness 

Measuring the impact of our support to provide compelling evidence for changes experienced by coaches and athletes


We work with clients to create outcomes on four levels:

Personal development for coaches and athletes

Increased care and performance for teams

Social impact for

Sustainable change for sporting systems

The MVMT Model

Everything we do is underpinned by The MVMT Model.

We combine a coaching model with an impact model to provide coaches and organisations with a framework to achieve both sporting results and social impact.

The four blocks

The coaching blocks give equal space to the areas of technical/tactical (WHAT), coaching methods (HOW), understanding people (WHO) and the personal drivers for each coach (WHY).

The three Circles

The three circles illustrate the ripple effect of impact for coaches, players and the community they serve.

The Measurement Arrow

We measure impact to identify compelling evidence for the difference coaches and organisations make for people and communities.

Connect with us

MVMT was founded by coaches, for coaches. We welcome connections with people who want to use sport as a movement for good.
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Simon Turner

Simon is fully absorbed in the use of sport as a tool for changing lives. He’s an experienced social entrepreneur, coach and facilitator.

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Alan Keane

Alan loves to dive deep into conversations about coaching. He’s a Great Britain basketball national team head coach and PhD candidate.

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