We believe

Sport should be a movement for good

Who we are

Founded by coaches, for coaches.
Co-founders Alan Keane and Simon Turner are fully immersed in the realities of coaching.

Alan is a highly regarded performance basketball coach with a focus on meeting the needs of the people he coaches. He’s a Great Britain national team head coach, qualified teacher and PhD candidate.

Simon is a social entrepreneur, coach and facilitator. He’s a co-founder of We Play Together, a sport-based wellbeing charity, and a Director of UPSHOT, a digital impact measurement system.

why we're here

A movement of coaches using sport for good.
People need sport to be better.

That’s why we created a company that supports those who intentionally use sport to change people, communities and systems.

Our vision is a global network of coaches using sport as a movement for good.

We’re here for the difference-makers.


Help for coaches and organisations.
Our tools enable coaches to complete the plan-do-review loop so they can speed up their learning, connect with the people they coach and become highly effective coaches. Our tools are designed following hundreds of test uses by coaches at club, community, high school, college and professional levels.

Our support services enable coaches and organisations to become more aware of their strengths, increase the level of care in team environments and create impact for the people and the community they serve.

How we work​

Led by the needs of people.
Our work is informed by evidence and rooted in the realities of coaching.

We approach our work with three core principles:

  1. Understand the needs of the coaches, players and organisations we serve
  2. Design tools and support to meet those needs
  3. Measure the impact of our work

What we stand for

MVMT is founded on three key beliefs:


Tech-Tac is not enough

Focusing on technical/tactical coaching is not enough to meet the changing needs of people and communities.


Winning and impact don’t have to compete

Intentional coaching can create outcomes on and off the field of play. It’s possible to win and put people first.


No coach should do it alone

Too many coaches are working in isolation, without the tools and support they need to enhance the wellbeing of themselves and others.

The MVMT Model

Everything we do is underpinned by The MVMT Model.

We combine a coaching model with an impact model to provide coaches and organisations with a framework to achieve both sporting results and social impact.

The Coaching Blocks

The coaching blocks give equal space to the areas of technical/tactical (WHAT), coaching methods (HOW), understanding people (WHO) and the personal drivers for each coach (WHY).

The Impact Circles

The impact circles describe the ripple effect of impact for coaches, players and the community they serve.

The Measurement Arrow

We measure impact to identify compelling evidence for the difference coaches and organisations make for people and communities.

Connect with us

MVMT was founded by coaches, for coaches. We welcome connections with people who want to use sport as a movement for good.
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Simon Turner

Simon is fully absorbed in the use of sport as a tool for changing lives. He’s an experienced social entrepreneur, coach and facilitator.
Alan Image New Aug '22

Alan Keane

Alan loves to dive deep into conversations about coaching. He’s a Great Britain basketball national team head coach and PhD candidate.

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