This is what we believe

Sport should be a movement for good, not bad

This is what we stand for

Coaches want to make change. They want to be difference-makers.


Coaches want to put people first.

Pressure to achieve results drives behaviours that many coaches struggle to reconcile with their intentions to help people.

That’s why we help coaches better understand themselves and the people they coach.

Coaches are at the frontline of the struggle for the soul of sports.

Across sports, coaches are splitting into two types:

1. Those who put people first

2. Those who put winning first

There are coaches who use sport to grow people and there are coaches who use people to grow their sport.


Winning and impact don't have to compete.

It’s possible to achieve both sporting results and social impact.

We’re creating a model for sport that empowers coaches to create outcomes on and off the field of play.

Our experience in both coaching and social impact contexts enables us to bring together two different ways of thinking.

We are currently planning academic studies to test the effectiveness of our model in elite, community and university settings.

As we grow, we’ll offer workshops and support for coaches and organisations who want to achieve both sporting results and social impact.


Winning and impact can both be outcomes of intentional coaching.

We make the ‘tools of the trade’ for coaches who want to be difference-makers.


Tech-tac is not enough.

Who and Why should come before What and How.

Focusing on technical/tactical coaching is not enough to meet the needs of people emerging from a global crisis.

Going beyond tech-tac and completing the plan-do-review loop.

Many coaches plan in a hurry and don’t stop to reflect. Because they rarely complete the plan-do-review loop, growth slows and so does their ability to help people.

That’s why we’re developing tools that enable coaches to understand who and why they coach first, then plan what and how they coach.

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MVMT was founded by coaches, for coaches. We welcome connections with people who want to use sport as a movement for good.
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Simon Turner

Simon is fully absorbed in the use of sport as a tool for changing lives. He’s an experienced social entrepreneur, coach and facilitator.

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Alan Keane

Alan loves to dive deep into conversations about coaching. He’s a Great Britain basketball national team head coach and PhD candidate.

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